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Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Guidebook

RRP $16.99

Table of Contents Amateur Radio Emergency Communications in the Community Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Principles of Disaster Communication Working with Public Safety Officials and Agencies National Traffic System (NTS) Incident Command System (ICS) Message Handling Hurricane Intensity Scale The Emergency Radiogram ITU Phonetic Alphabet International Q Signals US Amateur Bands Amateur Radio Call Sign Numerical Prefixes Signal Reporting Communications Net Procedure CTCSS (PL) Tone Frequencies Packet Radio APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) PSK (Phase Shift Keying) Radio Winlink 2000 Satellite Radio Antennas and Propagation H.F. Antenna Analysis Emergency Power Anderson Powerpoles D-Star Programming Echolink and IRLP Portable Antenna Systems

Radio Occultations Using Earth Satellites

RRP $573.99

the wave theory foundations of today's radio occultation techniques<br> <br> Forty years ago, the premier radio occultation problem was how to profile the atmosphere and radius of Mars using signals sent by the Mariner 4 spacecraft. Researchers then could rely on ray theory-based techniques for accurate analysis of the thin, uniform Martian atmosphere. Today's radio occultation challenges mostly involve communications platforms-and related data, instrument systems, and applications-in the Earth's own atmosphere. To deal with the density and complexity of this multilayered medium, an analytical framework that goes beyond ray theory is needed.<br> <br> Setting the cutting edge for the field, Radio Occultations Using Earth Satellites: A Wave Theory Treatment develops a purely wave-theoretic approach to occultation analysis. This approach yields more nuanced results than either ray or hybrid (ray/wave) methodologies offer, and proves suitable for the many variables at work in today's problems.<br> <br> This groundbreaking text provides:<br> * An introduction to the general theory of radio occultations<br> * Development of ray theory and scalar diffraction treatments of radio propagation processes<br> * Development of a wave theoretic treatment of the above wave propagation processes<br> * The correspondence between wave and ray theories<br> * A discussion of how to use a wave-theoretic approach to infer the refractive properties of the propagation medium from a time series set of observations of the propagated wave's phase and amplitude<br> <br> A comprehensive resource that clearly defines the latest topics and methodologies, Radio Occultations Using Earth Satellites is a must-have text for engineers, scientists, students, and managers in satellites communications, navigation, deep space and planetary exploration, aerospace, atmospheric science, physics, and engineering.<br> <br> The Deep Space Communications and Navigation Series is authored by scientists and engineers with extensive experience in astronautics, communications, and related fields. It lays the foundation for innovation in the areas of deep space navigation and communications by disseminating state-of-the-art knowledge in key technologies.

The Cellular Radio Handbook

RRP $573.99

"A comprehensive guide for operators, engineers, technicians, marketing staff, and systems managers, explaining the intricacies of designing, installing, and operating a cellular network. Although the volume explains both the theory and practice of cellular systems, it is structured in such a way that nontechnical readers can bypass mathematically oriented sections without losing overall comprehension."-Book News, Inc.
This Fourth Edition of Neil Boucher's internationally bestselling handbook has been thoroughly updated and expanded to provide comprehensive coverage of the new technologies that are shaping the industry, as well as the important changes brought about by the rapid domination of the cellular markets by digital systems. Encyclopedic in scope, it covers the design, installation, and operations of a cellular network, features concise discussions of best engineering practices, and provides helpful guidelines on critical business issues involved in planning, budgeting, and administering a cellular system.
Authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date, The Cellular Radio Handbook, Fourth Edition is an indispensable working resource for telecom designers, operators, and marketers. In addition to covering traditional cellular networks, this book also includes PCS/PCN, WLL, and satellite mobile technology.

Post-launch Calibration Of Satellite Sensors

RRP $269.99

Increasingly, in the field of earth observation imagery, there is a need for image quality to be assessable in traceable Standard International Units (SIU), and for the standardization of common mapping projections. These two needs, plus the increased usage of combinations of data and image types, provided the stimuli for the development of this important volume.
Prepared by members of the Joint ISPRS/CEOS WGCV Task Force on Radiometric and Geometric Calibration, this book is a valuable text for those in the fields of remote sensing technology, calibration, Earth observation, and electro-optical sensor parameters.
By detailing current calibration procedures and the latest 'best practices', this latest addition to the ISPRS Series addresses the need for consistency throughout the discipline, and encourages the development of coherent, high-quality Earth observation imagery.

Clandestine Radio Broadcasting

RRP $256.99

"It is difficult to imagine a subject with more elusive data than this. The source and location of clandestine radio broadcasts are, by definition, secret. `White' stations openly identify themselves (such as Radio Free Europe), and `gray' stations are purportedly operated by dissident groups within a country, although actually they might be located in another nation; but `black' stations transmit broadcasts by one side disguised as broadcasts by another. . . . [This] is an extraordinary book. It belongs in every research library concerned with war and revolution and international communications. A valuable appendix lists known clandestine radio stateions, 1948-1985." Choice "In this ambitious and impressive study two academic specialists in the field of political communication have endeavored to cover the history of such broadcasts from the beginnings in the 1930s through the use of psychological warfare and deception of World War II to the manifold practice of `gray' and `black' propaganda that had punctuated the conflict of the postwar period." Foreign Affairs


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