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Advertising Media Planning

RRP $477.99

The planning and placement of advertising media is a multibillion dollar business that critically impacts advertising effectiveness. The new edition of this acclaimed and widely adopted text offers practical guidance for those who practice media planning on a daily basis as well as those who must ultimately approve strategic media decisions.Full of current brand examples, the book is a "must-read" for all who will be involved in the media decision process on both the agency and client side. Its easy-to-read style and logical format make it ideal for classroom adoption, and students will benefit from the down-to-earth approach and real-world business examples.Key changes in the Fourth Edition include: A better grounding in the role of media in an advertising and marketing plan today, with a new first chapter on the changing role of media planning in agencies today; Increased coverage of communication planning; Added focus on the importance of media strategy early on in the book through a new chapter; A new chapter on evaluating media vehicles, filled with up-to-date examples; Separate chapters for video and audio media (instead of lumping them together in broadcast). This creates a more in-depth discussion of radio in particular; A new chapter on search engine marketing and a thorough revision of the chapter on online display advertising to address the increased emphasis on digital media; A new chapter on gaming, and many new examples of the latest digital media, with an emphasis on social media, and a new framework for analyzing current and future social media; A new chapter on international advertising; A new chapter on campaign evaluation.An online instructor's manual with PowerPoint slides and sample test questions is available to adopters.

Advertising Basics!

RRP $47.99

Advertising Basics! is a one-stop resource for anyone who wishes to understand and unravel the exciting world of advertising. Beginning from the basics, the book uses a simple commonsense approach to explain everything one wants to know about advertising and how the industry works on a daily basis.

The book begins with a brief history which gives the reader an understanding of how advertising has evolved from the way it was practiced earlier in the teeming bazaars to its sophisticated and technologically advancedavatar today. The authors then discuss each aspect of the advertising industry in detail, giving pointers, suggestions and in-depth analysis of how things work in each department.

Some of the highlights of this text are:
- A holistic introduction which gives the reader a pan-industry perspective of advertising.
- The nitty-gritties of copywriting for the main media-newspapers, magazines, radio, film, television and the Internet.
- Detailed chapters on advertising agencies, client servicing and the creative aspects of advertising.
- Pointers on how to conduct an advertising campaign.
- Numerous advertisements which illustrate the theory and examples used in the book.
- Tips on how to select an advertising agency and in what circumstances the agency should be changed.
- A simple, approachable and anecdotal style of writing which the reader will enjoy.

Analysis Of Wild Life Radio-tracking Data

RRP $311.99

With the substantial advances in the miniaturization of electronic components, wildlife biologists now routinely monitor the movements of free-ranging animals with radio-tracking devices. This book explicates the many analytical techniques and computer programs available to extract biological information from the radio tracking data.

Key Features:
* Presentation of software programs for solving specific problems
* Design of radio-tracking studies
* Mechanics of data collection
* Estimation of position by triangulation
* Graphic presentation of animal migration, dispersal, fidelity, and association
* Home range estimation, habitat utilization, and estimation of survival rates and population size

Advertising Self Regulation And Outside Participation

RRP $256.99

Boddewyn's book provides a rare insight into how advertising self-regulatory bodies really work--with or without outsiders. Many other studies have lauded self-regulation or dismissed it preemptorily, but this book focuses on its logic, limits, and ultimate contributions to the societal control of advertising. It shows how outsiders--where available and willing to participate--contribute to its functioning while the advertising industry remains in control of the standards applied by self-regulatory bodies. Practitioners, consumerists, and policy-makers should greatly benefit from reading this multinational comparison of a dozen countries with very different economic and legal environments. Sylvan M. Barnet, Jr., Chairman, Advisory Council, International Advertising Association It is generally recognized that the development and application of voluntary industry standards is a necessary complement to governmental regulation of advertising. With the expansion of advertising opportunities, however, the tasks of self-regulation have grown, along with doubts as to the industry's ability--or willingness--to enforce appropriate ethical guidelines. In attempt to resolve this situation, self-regulatory bodies increasingly invite the participation of non-industry members, especially where consumer protection is at issue. The first broadly based, comparative study of advertising self-regulation, this book explores the global implications of recent trends through detailed analyses of self-regulation in Europe, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere.


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