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Radioactivity And Pollution In The Nordic Seas And Arctic

RRP $684.99

Polar Seas Oceanography describes a new tool called the Generic Model System for simulations and assessment of potential radioactive spreading in the Arctic regions, through rivers, estuaries, regional seas and the Arctic and Atlantic basin. It considers the present and future potential for spreading of radionuclear pollution from sources, such as from the major Russian processing plants through Siberian rivers as well as from European sources such as the UK Sellafield plant. The book provides support for decision making involving risk prevention, forecasting and readiness for probable crises, alerting and detection, relief and mitigation and damage assessment. It will be useful to managers, scientists and PhD students in the area of environmental nuclear safety. The book combines the expertise of professionals from the radionuclear and climate-change sciences.

Davina's Magical Radio

RRP $16.99

Davina Gonzales doesn't think she's anything special, even though her uncle is a world famous detective. She and her friends Fabiola and DeBrina are like most seventh-grade girls in rural California. But Davina's life takes a strange twist when she gets an old radio for her twelfth birthday. It runs without electricity or batteries. It always plays her favorite songs. And it warns her that if she doesn't solve a mystery her best friend will die! The radio gives out riddles and puzzles to help her solve the mystery. Follow the three friends as they race against time to crack the clues and save DeBrina.

Mungo Monkey Has A Birthday Party

RRP $16.95

Mungo Monkey has woken up very early ...because today is his BIRTHDAY! There are so many things to do before Mungo's birthday party starts: balloons to blow up, party hats to make and a cake to bake. Mungo needs to pick his fancy dress costume, too. What will he choose? Lift the flaps and join in the party preparations with Mungo, his friends and his favourite toy Narnie. Mungo Monkey comes from the genius of Lydia Monks, award-winning illustrator whose collaborations include: What the Ladybird Heard and The Princess and the Wizard with Julia Donaldson and the 'Indie Kidd' series with Karen McCombie. Mungo Monkey's beautiful illustrations with flaps to lift on every page make for an interactive reading experience that is perfect for children aged 3 and up. Lydia Monks has created a world full of vibrant and colourful characters that little ones will want to revisit again and again! Collect all of Mungo Monkey's adventures: Mungo Monkey goes to School; Mungo Monkey has a Birthday Party; Mungo Monkey goes on a Train; Mungo Monkey to the Rescue. Lydia Monks is an award-winning illustrator and author, best known for her quirky and colourful picture books including I Wish I Were a Dog, Aaaarrgghh, Spider! and the Mungo Monkey series. She has successfully collaborated with many authors such as Julia Donaldson (What the Ladybird Heard, Princess and the Wizard) and Karen McCombie (Indie Kidd series), and poets including Carol Ann Duffy (Skipping Rope Snake, Queen Nibble & Queen Munch). Her awards include the Stockport Children's Book Award, the Nestle Smarties Prize and the Royal Mail Scottish Children's Book Award.

The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, Avhrr

RRP $444.99

Over the years since the launch of the first of the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers (AVHRRs) in 1978, the data from these instruments have come to be used for a very wide range of non-meteorological applications. In this book, the author describes the satellite system, the instrument itself, the control of the spacecraft and the data- recovery arrangements. The book also covers various aspects of the processing of the data to extract useful environmental information. The applications of the data to marine problems, based primarily on the study of sea-surface temperatures from the thermal-infrared channels of the instrument, are considered, as well as the study of vegetation and a whole variety of other land-based and hydrological applications.


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