Advertising your product with 2EL is a smart choice. We can offer you a number of exciting opportunities to promote your product or business, cost effectively.

To enjoy the benefits of advertising with 2EL and the Super Radio Network, please contact one of our Sales Representitives today on 02 63 600 900.

Reasons to advertise on 2EL

In these uncertain times, we believe more than ever it is time to promote the positive benefits of your business and the quality of your products & services. There is an old adage that says “when business is quiet you advertise, and when business is picking up you advertise more”.

There will be opportunities of course where you will want to advertise price and savings where a concentrated short term campaign will be required. Having advertised on a regular basis, your message will have the listener’s top of mind when they are in need of your products & services.

Give your business an edge over your competitors, advertise regularly on 2EL Radio 1089am.

Did you know?

  • Over 48% of the population in our license area is aged 40 years or over
  • There are 22,517 households in our license area
  • There are 29,796 in the labour force in our license area (source: these three sets of figures as reported in the 2006 Census)
  • Nearly 80% of Australians tune in to commercial radio, listening on average for 2hrs and 26mins each day (source: Nielsen Radio Ratings Survey 1-8, 2008)
  • Business Week ranks the top 100 brands ever year, and a good portion of them continue to invest in advertising as the economy weakens. These companies view tougher economic times as an opportunity to get a leg up on a weakened competitor
  • Advertising is the engine for economic growth. It stimulates innovation and invokes competition; both are contributing factors to economic growth (source: McGraw Hill Research)

Never assume the public knows of you and where you are, tell them and tell them regularly!

If you would like to discuss advertising on 2EL, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Midnight - 5am
Gary Stewart
5am - 9am
Grant Goldman
9am - Midday
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Graeme Hughes & Mark Geyer
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Hi Tide Fishing Show
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Poppy Savakis
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Off The Bench (NRL)
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Gary Stewart
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Hi Tide Fishing Show
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The Clubhouse
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Pete Davis
Midday - 6pm
Poppy Savakis
6pm - Midnight
Carter Edwards
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